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Ongoing LIVE three-hour long UFO SkyWatch programs at the “Launching Pad” in Phoenix, Arizona. See UFOs darting about in the nighttime sky using advanced military-grade 3rd generation night vision goggles. To watch the heavens, please visit this Ustream TV Channel “UFO SkyWatch” starting at 6pm PT (9pm ET) on select days each month. Visit the channel and set a reminder for the next LIVE watch!
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Movie: Communion
Documentary: ECETI Ranch #1
Documentary: ECETI Ranch #2
Documentary: Visitors from Space
Documentary: “UFO Documentary”
Documentary: Alien Planet – Darwin IV
Documentary: “UFO – The Watchers”
Documentary: “Top 10 UFO Sightings”
Documentary: “2012 The Online Movie”
Collin Andrews: UFO Crop Circles Movie
Ancient Aliens Documentaries: Season 1
Ancient Aliens Documentaries: Season 2
Ancient Aliens: The Greys in Earth’s History
Ancient Aliens: The Return-Alien Contact
Ancient Aliens: Secrets of the Pyramids
Ancient Aliens: The NASA Connection #1
Ancient Aliens: The NASA Connection #2
Ancient Aliens: The NASA Connection #3
Ancient Aliens: World Pyramid Network Secrets
Ancient Aliens: Alien Power Plants
Ancient Aliens: Underwater Worlds
Documentary: “UFO & Alien Contact 2012″
Documentary: “UFOs: 50 Years of Denial”
Documentary: “The Day Before Disclosure”
Documentary: Fastwalkers-UFO/Alien Disclosure
Documentary: “Stan Deyo – UFOs are Here!”
Documentary: “Proof of Extraterrestrials: The Lost UFO Archive”

Documentary: “Quest for Ancient Civilizations”
Documentary: “The Legend of Atlantis and ETs”
Documentary: “The Secrets of the Universe”
Documentary: “The New Secrets of the Universe #1″
Documentary: “The New Secrets of the Universe #2″
UFO TV Presents: “The Secret Caves of Giza”
Coast to Coast: “The Zeta’s and Earth Changes”
Easy Rider Movie: UFO Explanation by Campfire
Documentary: “Alien Abduction – Best Evidence Ever”
Documentary: “Alien Abduction Implants – Secret Society”
Documentary: “Alien Implants with Derrel Sims”
Documentary: “Alien Abduction Experience of Travis Walton”
Documentary: “The Friendship Case (Il Caso Amicizia)”
Documentary: “Above Top Secret” – EBE Award Winner
Documentary: Third Reich – Operation UFO Nazi Base
Documentary: J-Rod Escape from Area 51
Documentary: “Close Encounters – Proof of Alien Contact”
Documentary: “UFOs – The True Story of Flying Saucers”
Documentary: “The Legend of the Crystal Skulls Revealed”
Documentary: “Mysteries of the Gods with William Shatner”
Documentary: “Mysterious Book of Secrets with William Shatner”
Documentary: “Flying Saucers & Science with Stan Friedman”
Documentary: “Secret Space Program with Richard Doolan”
Documentary: “Ancient Alien Artifacts on Moon and Mars”
Documentary: “UFO/Extraterrestrials – I Know What I Saw”
Documentary: “The Best UFO Cases Ever Caught on Tape”
Documentaries: “Best Videos – Military & Pilot UFO Sightings”
Documentary: “UFOs The Secret History – Contact has Begun”
Disclosure Project: “Top Secret Witnesses to UFO Projects #1″
Disclosure Project: “Top Secret Witnesses to UFO Projects #2″
Disclosure Conference: “National Press Club-UFO’s & Missle Sites”


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ET/Alien Song
UFO Data Page
Landmark UFO Cases
Gallery: UFO Photographs
2010: A Big Year for UFO’s
Crop Circles: Fact or Fiction?
Videos: Latest UFO Sightings
Latest and Past UFO Sightings
Videos: UFO Sightings Collection
Report: The 1973 UFO Chronology
UFO Sightings Around the World
Ocean Vessels and UFOs
Star Trek Revelations and the “Coucil of Worlds”
Close Encounters of the Weird Kind
600 Years of Ancient Alien Sightings
Ancient to Current UFO Sightings
UFOs and ET Aliens in Art History
Did Aliens Bring Religion to Earth?
Flying Saucers-Secret History Report
UFOs in History: 1916 UK Incident
Pre 1900 Prominent Early UFO Cases
Videos: Most Incredible UFO Cases
Megaliths: Proof of Alien Intervention
What are the True Alien Agendas???
Videos: UFO and Alien Experiences
A to Z of Alien Species Active on Earth
The Star Seed Quiz: Pleiades Ancestral Roots
Website: UFO & Crop Circle Information
UFOs & Aliens – Questions & Answers
Website: UFO Cover-Up Information Center
Websites: UFO History & Current Events
Websites: UFO Organizations & Archives
Websites: UFO Blogs and RSS Newsfeeds
Literature: UFO Documents and Journals
Forums: UFO Newsgroups & Mailing Lists
Radio Shows: UFO Podcasts and MP3s
Disclosure: UFO Facts and Information
Website: Richard Dolan UFO Disclosure
Website: A.D. After Disclosure-Richard Dolan
How to Report a UFO – Basic Guidelines
How and Where to Report a UFO Sighting
UFO Technical Overview – What is Known
UFO Information and Research Resources
The UFO Phenomena – Helpful Information
UFO Occupants – Alien Informaion & Photos
Real Alien Photos and Alien Drawings Library
Documented UFO Pictures – Photos – Videos
UFO Videos – Aircraft and Encounter Footage
Documented Cases of UFOs & Alien Encounters
UFO Sighting Reports – Plotted Maps of USA
UFOs Exist says National Geographic Survey
The UFO Phenomenon – Seeing Is Believing
UFO Summary – Essential Readings on UFOs
Extra-Terrestrial Disclosure: Articles & Videos

TV Producer Offers $100,000 for Alien UFO Proof
‘Star Trek’ Actress Suspects NASA is Hiding Proof Aliens Exist
FBI Records The Vault-Special Agent Guy Hottel
FBI “Vault” Reveals UFO Files: Article & Video
FBI Documents Released to Public in “The Vault”
FBI Vault Reveals 8,000 Cow Abductions in 1970′s
NSA Document Admits Extra-Terrestrial Contact
NSA Document: Key to Extra-Terrestrial Messages
NASA Space Missions with UFO Sightings Video
NASA Astronauts – The Moon is a Foriegn Nation
NASA Astronaut Edgar Mitchell UFO Sightings Video
NASA UFO Files Revealed in Science Channel Special
What is NASA Hidding: Secret Space & UFOs – Video
NASA Alien Anomolies Caught on Film – Video
USAF Secret Space Program Command – Video
UFO Anamolies, Aliens in NASA Archives – Video
Americans Obsession with UFOs – News Video
UFO Video of Chicago O’Hare Airport Sighting
2 UFOs Caught on Google Street View Photos
John Lennon Relates UFO Encounter in New York
Government Preparations in Case of Alien Invasion
UN & other Governances Prepare for Alien Invasion
Goverment/Washington DC handles UFO/ET Disclosure
Legislator says Eisenhower met with Extraterrestrials
Secret Memo Reveals JFK Requesting UFO Files
Secret Treaty between Aliens and the Government
1979 Dolce Underground Base Battle to Free Alien/Government Slaves
Secret Underground Aliens Bases by Government
Bill Cooper Document: UFO Secret Government History
Top Officials Sharing Their UFO Encounters – Video
Robert Dean Shares UFO Government Secrets at Conference
UFO Government Documents, Books, and Files
UFO and ET Disclosure to Occur in Five Years
UFO & Extra-Terrestrial Citizen Disclosure Hearing
ET World Presence – What You Aren’t Being Told
Chinese Government Official: ETs Walk Among Us
Chinese TV Reporting Impending UFO Disclosure
Russian Documents Prove Alien Activity on Mars
Ancient Alien UFO Weapon found in Russia-Video
Russian Flight Controllers UFO Track/Communicate-Video
Top Ten Mysteries Surrounding Ancient Aliens
Is The Vatican Preparing for UFO/Alien Disclosure
US Ambassadors Meeting Related to UFOs & ET Life
Global Competitiveness Forum (GCF) discussing ET Life

UFO War: Chinese and US Navy off San Francisco Coast
Preston Dennett: Southern California Underwater UFO Base
Real “Battle of LA” 1942 Actual Footage and Radio Report
George Kavassilas: “Our Journey Home” Coast to Coast Audio
Katherine Frankovich “Daytime Alien Encounter” Coast to Coast Audio
An Exclusive Interview with John Lear by Bret Oldham
What are UFOs? Terrestrial, Extraterrestrial & Metaterrestrial
FREE Book: “The Complete Guide to Mysterious Beings”
Abduction: Facts About UFOs and Alien Abduction
Abduction: 58 Signs of Alien Abduction and Classifications
Abduction: Overview of Extraterrestrial Contact Experiences
Abduction: UFO Alien Abduction Phenomenon – Best Cases
Abduction: Travis Walton Witness Steve Pierce Interview
Abduction: Sergeant Moody Famous Abduction
Stalking the Elusive Crash: Retrieval Aircraft Accident Sites
Journey of a Demon: Anomaly in the Skys over Ancient Egypt
Sunset Cliffs Sighting * Costa Rican Picture * Mongo, IN Sighting
Zecharia Sitchin Passes Away October 2010 – Tribute Article
Bud Hopkins Passes Away August 2011 – Tribute Article

Video & Article
Internet Links

Dome UFO Video #1
Dome UFO Video #2
Dome UFO Video #3
Dome UFO Video-2 Angles
Dome UFO Video-3 Angles
Dome UFO Video-5 Angles
Dome UFO Multiple Videos
Global Rumblings Article/Video
The Telegraph Article/Video
Global News Article/Videos
Exopolitics Article/Videos
Seattle Examiner Article
Nation of Islam Article
UFO Digest Article
Daily Mail Article
Fox News Article
CBS News Article

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